Olive Oil press

On the hill where the Residence San Rocco is located, ruins of an ancient oil mill were found; these stones bear witness to the importance of the lake people’s long tradition of olive milling beginning in antiquity.

This tradition has been continued by our family. In 1960, in that same place, we began the oil mill that soon would become a point of reference for the promotion of this precious product: extra-virgin olive oil.

Our production of extra-virgin DOP Garda Bresciano oil intends to enhance the special characteristics of the product, placing special attention on the quality of the raw materials and the mechanical procedures used in milling.
Through the use of modern continuous cycle technology, which is the evolution of the traditional principle of cold pressing with stones and presses, we are able to obtain an oil of excellent quality. This type of processing brings out the quality of the oil; the flavor reflects the fruity olive with hints of almond and artichoke. To the nose it is balanced, lightly fruity, always with hints of almond, artichoke and herbs. The attention to various processing procedures, from the field to the bottle, has led to obtaining many national and international prizes.
For the pleasure of letting our guests know the richness of this process, we organize weekly guided tours of the farm, with tastings of typical products. We attempt to pass on to our guests the values in which we believe: food production linked with tradition, respect for nature and for health, and of course, the pleasures of the palate! The nearness to the field allows guests to admire the beauty of these plants rich in history and value. After a brief explanation of the processing procedure, we go on to sampling the oil and our other products. But what is always appreciated by our guests is the aperitif accompanied by local wines. The red Garda Classico or the Groppello, the whites Garda Classico or Lugana, or a cool Claret that must not be missed in summer.

In our show room you will find many other products, in addition to DOP extra-virgin olive oil. Our guests love the aromatized oils, but the seedless olives in oil are also a snack you must try. For the most refined, we offer rolled vegetables in oil that are served as delicious antipasto and mustard with vegetables to be tasted with delicious cheeses.

On request it is possible to organize private guided tours, business meetings and events.

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