The Garda boasts a long and established tradition in the sport of sailing. In the past 50 years, sailing clubs have been the source of the best Olympic-class skippers, including major names such as Fabio Albarelli, Roberto Benamati, Albino Fravezzi, Flavio Scala, the Celon brothers, Luca Devoti, Silvio Santoni, to name such a few.

Thanks to the special climate and wind conditions, major sailing competitions such as the Gorla and the Centomiglia are held every year on the Garda. Dozens of tourists choose to spend their vacations here, maneuvering among the waves by windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Lake Garda represents a marvelous natural gym for all those who wish to learn sailing techniques; in various areas of Lake Garda races are organized at several levels, directed to all those who wish to learn the ABCs of this marvelous sport.

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